Budgie – I Turned To Stone

Bardzo popularny zespół w Polsce na przełomie lat siedemdziesiątych i osiemdziesiątych Budgie – I Turned To Stone



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  1. I was 14 years old when i heard Budgie for the first time and I loved it, Now I am almost 50 and still love it. The amazing thing is I am from Poland and that was 1981. Behind the iron curtain that was incredible to know bands from the West. I was lucky 🙂

  2. I was born yesterday
    Trouble seemed so far away
    Now it seems my friends no longer call
    Everything was better then
    I can still remember when
    I saw the future with a certain glow

    So I turned to stone
    As I learned to know
    When I turned to stone
    Tell myself I'm feeling all alone

    Many days have passed me by
    Celebrate with sunny skies
    Still I know I need a helping hand
    And the friends I thought I knew
    See them change my every view
    Now it seems I'm seeing them as they really are

    No I turned to stone
    As I learned to know
    When I turned to stone
    Tell myself I'm feeling all alone

    I was born yesterday
    Trouble seemed so far away…

  3. Its cool band. But why it was so popular only in Poland? Can anyone explain, please ? Maybe, because its name sound polish to me…

  4. budgie should be nuber one , but the scorpions 1 thru 4 are my first budgie falls in at two , followed by led zepelin i must say budgie is one of the top 5 in all of music

  5. Budgie – jeden z najlepszych zespołów w historii ludzkości. Budgie to moja młodość,moje bujne zycie. I Love BUDGIE !!!

  6. Damn!!! dude I pretty new to Budgie music, i cant explained myself and my mind how the hell did I miss them. Woooooow They are pure magic, literally gold Rock music. Wooooow

  7. I have been listening to this Budgie stuff for years and still I am speechless, when listening to this song's outro solo.

  8. Byli w Polsce w Ważnych Momentach ! Byłem przed KONCERTEM w kinie "KOSMOS" , na "CZASIE APOKALIPSY" – i Pani kasjerka się pomyliła , a buty miałem kupić – Pozdrawiam , tamte czasy , nie wrócą niestety – Nigdy !

  9. First saw them in Thetford, Norfolk, UK. Stood next to the speakers. Wrong thing to do, was nearly deaf the next day but loved the gig.. From 4 mins to the end must be the all time instrumental ever. Even better than my (favourite group) Judas Priest instrumental.

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