Armored Saint – Can U Deliver (Good Quality)

First promo video Armored Saint – Can U Deliver (Good Quality)



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  1. saw them  at Wilson High School in El Sereno  in Battle of the Bands Before they were Armored Saint,, I think In 79" or 80", They were awesome !

  2. I seen these cat's open up for Quiet Riot in 84…Whitesnake was on the bill and both bands smoked Quiet Riot..John Bush sounded like a metal Steven Tyler

  3. Very nice see and hear dear in Armored Saint!!! In class composer with original drive -sing and with very very nice guitar rifs-and with melodik solo! Good luck! dear! Heavy metal everybody!!! Thank-you for the musik!!

  4. I fucking love Armored Saint since 84. We use to jam to these carrying our boom box on 10 while walking threw the streets at night.

  5. I bought this CD at Bill's records and tapes 20 years ago . he saw my face when I picked it up and made me pay 30 bucks, which I did happily lol

  6. El sereno Residents neighbors, what can I say I liked the e. p record, March of the saints was alright, I must say this thay were a good band! But was there to witness the down fall of them when Metallica smoked them to shreds!! At the palladium 85 ,friends and I left after the 3 trak. 😛

  7. You could tell Queenscryche were their influences when they were growing up, the video is kind of synonymous with Queenscryche video "Queen of the Reich".

  8. This is how rock and metal nicely fuses together into a timeless classic. Many have accomplished the feat…Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Motorhead, cant name them all. You get the idea

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