Aces High- Iron Maiden

This is my Favorite Iron Maiden song! From the album powerslave all iron maiden music is copyright of iron maiden themselves.
EDIT: Wow guys and gals I never ever would have dreamed of this video getting more than 100 views. Thank you so much and ROCK ON! Aces High- Iron Maiden



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  1. The mark 9 series of the Supermarine Spitfire is one of the most well-known annoyances to basically every other air force in all of war thunder

    The near mythical ability of these pigeons in game to out-fight nearly everything the world throws and it can often overshadow some of the actual issues they can have in the heat of combat which can easily show the difference between a noob virgin pilot with a fake moustache from a veteran chad Nigel who wields Excalibur as his flight stick

    And in true British fashion

    There are several different and unique models of this particular modification in game which can be simply divided into two distinct types

    Their designation solely depending on what altitude that the two staged speed supercharger of the Rolls-Royce Merlin 60-series v12 inline engines were optimized to perform at


    We shall start getting into the nitty-gritty with the general purpose F models

    Equipped with the Merlin 61 engine

    That cranks out over 1270 horsepower under normal conditions with an additional 203 horsepower to cool on takeoff

    Tuned for medium-altitude combat situations

    The standard F9 is capable of reaching over 404 miles per hour at around 85 hundred and some odd meters

    Equipped with a pair of Hispano mk2 20 millimeter cannons and 4 303 browning machine guns

    While the rare premium tournament prize F9 C version ditches the machine guns for an additional pair of cannons for maximum colonialism

    Moving on

    We get to the low altitude tuned low-faring models

    Equipped with the improved Merlin 66 engine chugging 250 octane fuel which cranks out over 1609 horsepower under normal conditions and almost 2000 on takeoff

    With our overall top speed at 428 miles per hour at a much lower 48 hundred and some odd meters

    The additional horsepower gives the LF models a ridiculous increase in climb rate to over 31 meters per second


    The armament is barely improved

    Swapping out the 303 browning machine guns for a pair of M2 50 caliber machine guns

    Unless you happen to have the no longer for sale John Plagis' ace premium LF 9 which has the 303 brownings instead

    And in the middle of all these pigeons both literally

    And performance wise is the odd mk16

    Which is for all intents and purposes a mk9 that has clipped wings

    A bubble canopy and a Packard-built Merlin designated as the 266

    Going into flight performance

    The mk9s can be considered the definition of an all-round dogfighter

    With overall excellent maneuverability with good energy retention for long turn fights

    And in the case of the LF mk9 and the mk16

    Outstanding acceleration

    Which makes it very easy

    To catch opponents who have given you the high ground by either tunnel visioning or a friendly aircraft

    Or making the simple mistake of initiating a turn fight that they cannot win

    Regardless of altitude


    This level of performance comes at the price of its overall durability

    Of which we start with the wings

    Which unless if you are the odd mk16

    Given otherwise responsive and easy flying fighter a subpar roll rate in comparison to its contemporaries

    Which only gets worse the faster you go

    And due to the rather weak construction of the wing spars in comparison to other fighters

    They respond poorly to even the slightest amount of battle damage

    For while they are strong enough to hold together in a high speed dive from the heavens

    They are also very easy to lose

    If they are hit by basically anything

    While performing tight maneuvers at high speed

    Besides the delicate wings

    The Merlin engines are also an issue into themselves

    As not only do they suffer the usual issues of inline engine fragility

    But they also guzzle fuel without restraint

    Which combined with its small fuel load means

    That it is possible to run clean out of petrol

    If you happen to be that player who forgets to change the fuel load from minimum and holds W for war emergency power all the way to the combat zone

    With all of this in mind

    The Spitfire is an excellent all-round fighter that works best when it's able to bait the enemy into fighting on its own terms

    Forcing your opponent to throw away any advantage they may have in energy and speed

    While using your superior maneuverability and acceleration

    To get onto their tail

    And take them out to death and deliver a trigger discipline

    Of which the gun convergence is recommended to be no more than 500 meters

    And unless you happen to be fyling the 4 cannon mk9 C

    It is best to focus primarily on enemy fighters and light attack aircraft with minimal defensive armament

    As larger

    More heavily armed bombers can quickly dismantle your pigeon

    Before you can do enough meaningful damage

    To put it out of the skies

    Now it's time for the semantics of modules and crew skills

    In which we will breeze right through this

    And go with the usual

    while balancing the need for performance and survivability mods with getting all the weapon upgrades as quickly as possible to minimize the pain

    That is Stock Syndrome

    Then you can ponder the usefulness of carrying that small stone

    For it is a complete waste of the aircraft's offensive potential to go lawn mowing

    As you should leave that task to the extra large ground attack peasants from across the pond

    As for pilot skills

    It's the same old routine of making sure Nigel gets his roughage and exercise

    And then hiking him up on energy tablets and wee bit of whiskey before sending him up and into the skies for king and country

    And that is how you fly the mark 9 series of the Supermarine Spitfire


    Get out there

    And show the enemy what it really means

    To go aces high

  2. I literally got into maiden because I loved Eddie art. I won a Eddie poster at the State Fair with the dart throw thing, I think it was the somewhere in time or stanger in a strange land poster and then kept going back for like a week until my walls were literally covered in them. My mom hated the purgatory poster where Eddie has a half satan face. Didn't take me long to buy all their albums after that.

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