Wishbone Ash – Persephone

Wishbone Ash – Persephone



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  1. Μουσική πανδαισία από τους Wishbone Ash,βασισμένη στην αρπαγή-απαγωγή της Περσεφόνης,θυγατρός της Θεάς Δήμητρας και του Διός,πατρός των Θεών,από τον Θεό του Κάτω Κόσμου Πλούτωνα προς στον Άδη επειδή εζήλωσεν την εκπληκτική ομορφιά της….. .What to say….. !!!.

  2. Wishbone Ash – The greatest, sophisticated, modern rock music of the past 2 generations! And very few know their work. Maybe that will change with the progression of time. I cannot get enough of this.

  3. There's a light that shines on Persephone,
    Always a fire in her eyes,
    And the last time that I went to her
    I could tell things weren't right.

    I just don't care to see your years go wasting,
    There's no longer magic in your eyes.

    In your time, you could outshine everybody else around,
    But your off-stage ways might be a bore –
    You take a bow, you take a fall.

    I came to be here in the footlights,
    To live with you through every song,
    And your face displays a peaceful field.
    I can't believe the curtain has to fall.

    Now I know your years were never wasted,
    Tonight I saw the magic in your eyes.

  4. The most beautiful rock ballad with great guitar solos. Two guitars accompany each other, they complement each other … like a couple of lovers in love orgies

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