Whiskey Drinking Woman, Nazareth

Whiskey Drinking Woman, Nazareth


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  1. Regret My Decision

    (Sung to the tune of Whiskey Drinkin' Woman, by Nazareth)

    Lost the e-lection, there goes the rest of this life for me
    She's drink-ing every night
    Now I'm yearn-ing to break free
    I hate that woman, and I'd love to see her dead
    But she knows my secrets, so I'm trapped and must stay wed

    I re-gret my decis-ion
    To make a Clin-ton out of Hillary

    She's got cankles where her hoofs meet
    Like she's Ark-an-sas corn fed
    Had to have some work-man come
    And re-in-force our bed
    I ad-mit I went wrong
    Guess I'm doomed to live this plight
    But I spike her NyQuil

    Ho-ping this could be the night

    I'm will-ing to risk pris-on
    For makin' a Clin-ton out of Hillary

    Please under-stand my problem 
    And you'll sym-pa-thize with me
    The way that she was grow-in'
    Can you blame me for Lewin-sky?
    She just lays there glarin'
    Like there's de-mons in her head
    Got to double bag it
    Or chew my arm off in-stead

    I'd choose blindness over vis-ion
    Cause I made a Clin-ton out of Hillary

    Got to get my thoughts to-gether, and figure some-thing out
    If I weren't a co-ward, I'd take the ea-sy way out
    I hate that woman, and I'd love to see her dead
    But when we're in public, I hold hands and grin in-stead

    A su-i-cide decision?
    For makin' a Clin-ton out of Hillary…

  2. Wow! guess I should have figured my Ex would be in this, kinda surprised it took so long to see her in more place,,,, crazy heartbreaking kunt.

  3. The picture of the first chic she ain't drinking whiskey ,she was smoking a Prince Albert right out of the little tin with the flip top .

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