Whiskey Drinking Woman, Nazareth 1

Whiskey Drinking Woman, Nazareth

Whiskey Drinking Woman, Nazareth


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  1. Regret My Decision

    (Sung to the tune of Whiskey Drinkin' Woman, by Nazareth)

    Lost the e-lection, there goes the rest of this life for me
    She's drink-ing every night
    Now I'm yearn-ing to break free
    I hate that woman, and I'd love to see her dead
    But she knows my secrets, so I'm trapped and must stay wed

    I re-gret my decis-ion
    To make a Clin-ton out of Hillary

    She's got cankles where her hoofs meet
    Like she's Ark-an-sas corn fed
    Had to have some work-man come
    And re-in-force our bed
    I ad-mit I went wrong
    Guess I'm doomed to live this plight
    But I spike her NyQuil

    Ho-ping this could be the night

    I'm will-ing to risk pris-on
    For makin' a Clin-ton out of Hillary

    Please under-stand my problem 
    And you'll sym-pa-thize with me
    The way that she was grow-in'
    Can you blame me for Lewin-sky?
    She just lays there glarin'
    Like there's de-mons in her head
    Got to double bag it
    Or chew my arm off in-stead

    I'd choose blindness over vis-ion
    Cause I made a Clin-ton out of Hillary

    Got to get my thoughts to-gether, and figure some-thing out
    If I weren't a co-ward, I'd take the ea-sy way out
    I hate that woman, and I'd love to see her dead
    But when we're in public, I hold hands and grin in-stead

    A su-i-cide decision?
    For makin' a Clin-ton out of Hillary…

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