Uriah Heep – Look at yourself (1971)

Terceiro álbum da banda britânica Uriah Heep

Track List:

01. Look at yourself 00:00
02. I wanna be free 05:10
03. July morning 09:10
04. Tears in my eyes 19:44
05. Shadows of grief 24:46
06. What should be done 33:22
07. Love machine 37:40

Bonus track:

08. Look at yourself (single version) 41:20
09. What’s within my heart 44:28 Uriah Heep – Look at yourself (1971)



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  1. Look at Yourself is a song by British progressive rock/hard rock band Uriah Heep which has been originally released on their third studio album, Look at Yourself. The song was the first single by the band in the United Kingdom and was written and sung by Ken Hensley.

    According to Ken Hensley, the reason that he took over the lead vocals on this song was that Heep frontman David Byron had throat problems during the recording session. However, Byron sang the lead vocals on the song during the band's live performances. Wikipedia.

  2. What can i say…raw clean power..absolute class….i have this album…i have just played it for the first time in ten years ..what can I say….up there with the best of the best….and the rest

  3. The best album of Uriah Heep and one of the best albums of the Hard Rock history. Uriah Heep became different after this work, but still is one great band. One of my favourits. Long Live, Uriah Heep!

  4. Uriah Heep got the African band Osibisa to help out with
    the drums in the end of "Look At Yourself" Very cool!!!
    Osibisa is known for the song "Sunshine Day". Excellent tune!
    Osibisa & Yes used the same artist for their logos & some of their artwork.

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