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  1. Another top contender for worst album covers ever….sorry…it is blasphemous .
    However, it is 1 of their best discs . Serious…..there is not one lame song on here .
    Every other disc I have to skip songs . If you hate John Sloman you ought not even put it on ( obviously Hensley did ) .
    Overall solid disc

  2. Day after day I feel this way..
    that I need to be moving on…..
    You know I depend on You…..
    Don't get me wrong
    I roll the dice
    I play the game
    and hope We get along
    Even then…
    I won't be fooled again !!!

  3. So as the days go by…and the nights that never end ….
    obviously written from a musicians perspective……
    The days do go by and nights are endless…….
    people need to get some sleep I know that

  4. I remember when their first album came out in 1970 or so? AND I loved their sound! Here we are a few years after and they still rock! What a great group and song! This is what Rock and Roll is ALL about! The Heep Rocks! Peace! Steve

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