Thin Lizzy- Johnny

It’s Thin Lizzy, no need for description


Somewhere on the waterfront
Johnny’s hiding with a gun
Swears he’ll kill any man that tells his story
He ain’t sorry for what he’s done

He broke into a drugstore
Just to cure a deadly need
Didn’t mean to shoot the guard
But he was blinded by the greed

Poor Johnny, Poor Johnny
Poor Johnny, Poor Johnny

See that nun, she’s his sister
She doesn’t know that he’s gone bad
When they told it to his papa
It drove the old man mad

Just as his mother warned him
From her dying bed
It’s alright to lose your heart
But never lose your head

Poor Johnny, Poor Johnny
Poor Johnny, Poor Johnny
Look out

Now the cops have got him surrounded
And he doesn’t stand a hope
He wonders how he could be in so much trouble
Over just a little dope

Five to one he gets away
That’s the odds I’m going to give
Five to four they blast him away
Three to one he’s gonna live

Poor Johnny, Poor Johnny
Poor Johnny you gotta run
Poor Johnny, Poor Johnny

Back in the alley where he was slain
Thought I heard something move
Beside the trash can lay a heart and chain
The picture had been removed

Just another junkyard piece
Looking for a bed
It’s alright to lose your heart
But never lose your head

Poor Johnny, Poor Johnny
Poor Johnny, Poor Johnny
Look out Thin Lizzy- Johnny



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  1. will always remember phil, and never stop listening to thin lizzy.. irish music have always have a special place in me heart..

  2. saw him when I didn't even know WHO or what I was seeing or hearing! so good to be hear now!!!! Born in 1962 wow

  3. See that nun, she's his sister, she doesn't know that he's gone bad. When they told it to his papa, it drove the old man mad. Just like his mother warned him, from her dying bed, its alright to lose your heart but never lose your head.

  4. Brian is Smok'in for sure, check out Bobby Caldwell on the first Captain Beyond album … really smokes… enjoy.

  5. One of the finest Lizzy-Songs. Great lyrics and powerful singing of Phil and the unforgettable Wah-wah-Solos of the one and only Brian Robertson!

  6. I was seduced by The boys are back in town,and Jailbreak,but when Johnny the Fox came out, I realized what an incredible songwriter Phil Lynott was,plus the guitar playing is fucking phenomenal.You must listen to this LP.

  7. Got this on the black plastic thing the day it came out, still have it in my collection.All this years on sounds even better. Power of the drums and bass guitar with brilliant guitar playing and Phillips vocal shear brilliance.

  8. lizzy was so under the radar back then, so cool that core people took notice and captured these priceless songs on more than just this album

  9. I consider myself fortunate to have seen Thin Lizzy live in their hey day. Remember Phil's bass picking up the spotlight and moving round the place. So loud, so awesome. RIP Phil and Gary.

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