The Who – Join Together (Live)

The Who – Live At The Fillmore East 1968 out now! Check it out:

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Music video by The Who performing Join Together. (C) 1988 Polydor Ltd. (UK)

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  1. In 1975 some 44 years ago I witnessed the original group in concert our arena could seat up to 10,000 a crowd of 7,000 were in attendance I was only 15 but I witnessed one of the greatest groups in the world in that era we had great musicians that could really do a show it was real music I will never forget.

  2. These guys where ahead of their times, not from this planet..definetly one of my favorites..
    This one, like many Who songs, gets better with volume. Like a beautiful kick to the teeth.
    Pete really rocks that suit

  3. 'The Who – Live At The Fillmore East 1968'. That's a British audience as well as the studio version and it was 1972, so 3 fibs in one short sentence…..You got one bit right about it being The Who, though. Well done.

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  5. Music now days is so damn' lame by comparison because most singer songwriters and bands  don't write from the souls anymore like they used to,  A lot of singer songwriters write what everybody else thinks they should write  and worse of all the music/ recording industry makes a recording artist sound the way the industry thinks they should sound and thats totally unnatural. The music is composed and recorded then sent off to market as dictated by music industry standards and that's not true music or art. Sure the songs may have different lyrics and chord progressions but the songs them selves are just morbid cold knock offs because the music is all about the money and cold carbon industry image instead of true art and the true feeling of music. So really music fans aren't hearing there favorite recording artist creations of music but there hearing music industry standardized computer compositions. In the beginning…  Rock – n Roll and Rhythm & Blues was all about breaking the rules of any music industry standards of music genre or  recorded compositions that's what gave Rock – n – Roll/ Rhythm and Blues its flavor and total character back in the day. Rock music and Blues was gorgeous and raw in its pristine scathing primal beauty and adeptness and that's what touched  and infused the crowds of fans. Then the corporate music company's music industry standards edict came along and really quite destroyed the very essence of what made Rock – n- Roll and the Blues what it was. The music industry now days is a great big conceded beauty pageant and I fucking hate pageantry with the goddamn passion of it,  Commercialized and sterile. Theres nothing kicking back with a beer and listening to those " Old Cold Portage " Rock n Roll and Blues recordings before the corporate recording labels came along destroyed their pristine raw rhythmic beautiful sounds.

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