The Who – Baba O’riley

Released in November 1971
No, the song is not called Teenage Wasteland
For lyrics turn on subtitles The Who – Baba O’riley



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  1. Dggreat song, but for some reason every time i listen to it i feel something melancholic. Like i instantly reflect where i was years ago to now and think "where have all the good times gone?"

  2. My guitar teacher HATED The Who. He was wrong. Daltrey's biography is fantastic too! (Pete's is so long I have finished it yet.)

  3. Yep that’s the comment section you’re probably wondering how we got to this “yep that’s me” meme

    Well it all started with a movie

  4. You're probably wondering how I got here… Well It all started when me along with the boys and 1,000,000 people stormed into Area 51…

  5. im here from riding in the country as a kid and listening to the greatest intro ever

    edit: why tf do i hear this playing when im near a hospital

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