The Who – Baba O’Riley

Slideshow of The Who. The Who – Baba O’Riley



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  1. I remember the day Dad brought this home…. I was 5… I love zeppelin, stairway and even blackdog, but this has a Maturity and power beyond anyone that year…. The whole album just reeks of musical genius. Plus, Moon is more aggressive and entertaining, drumistically, than bonzo.
    Thats my story, and I am stickin to it!!!!!!

  2. Turn it up and loud so the neighbours at the End the street complain.
    When aliens land and want to know what rock and roll music is, play this.
    Oh to have 10% of that insane 60's talent.

  3. wanna cry…just watched video of them live at 70 years old!?( god help me, that was a chore!) one of the best British rock tunes of all time, though. Gotta love it.. My middle school years were filled with that album. The grace of rock that saved millions of wasted teens…

  4. Ok, who's (Ha,Ha!) better Keith or John Bonham? I like the Keith's military presicion (Baba), but John's work on "Kashmir" is incredible! —Steve

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