Ted Nugent – Smokescreen

Artist: Ted Nugent
Title: Smokescreen
Album: Weekend Warriors
Release date: September 1978
Label: EPIC
Producer: Tom Werman Ted Nugent – Smokescreen



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  1. One of his best songs! He is great yet underrated at the same time. Could listen to the instrumental all day of this song.

  2. 1st song I played on vinyl when I got home after getting real high on the first real joint I smoked 37 years ago

  3. Bought this when it came out. They just don't make em like this anymore. Ted's playing is so on point and the conversational quality of the solo is pure magic. Freakin genius. After all these years Ted is still my "go to" for tone and feeling.

  4. I'm a dirty stinking lefty but Ted sure can play that git-tar o' his. Played my sis' vinyl when i was 7 in 1977. I used to be conservative. hmm guess i was 8.

  5. Back in High School when the kids all returned from BOCES (Tech training school) we would sing this song to them. Just swap out "Smokescreen" for "BOCES"

  6. This mofo taught me how to play guitar! Had an old JC Penney turntable with a speed adjust… Speakers were on top shelf, amp was on bottom

  7. Weekend Warriors was hard to get on disc for awhile. Thank the gods for internet so we can get all the music we loved growing up. A very underrated album.

  8. Weekend and state of shock great studio albums. With out the original 4 was shit live! Ted thought he could scream through it. Haha

  9. When i was about 10 i used to sneak into my oldest brothers room to listen to this album , when he was away , i got beat up , but it was worth it …….lol

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