Taste – What’s Going On

Composición incluida en el álbum “On The Boards” (1970) de Taste. Taste – What’s Going On



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  1. LOVE always to Rory and Donal.
    But never forget about Belfast and my friend @ school, Carol Clerk, who had ambitions to marry Rory.
    For now, please, as artists and musicians, sign a Petition for last week's Reffo to be OVERTURNED!
    Maureen Redmond,

  2. Although this in my mind is not heavy metal, it is definetly on my list of bands that forwarded the genre of proto-metal. This is blues, and heavy at best- a blueprint for metal in general.Taste has a classic heavy blues approach that is so awesome.

  3. It never sounds outdated or old. Always fresh. Progressive. Like it is happening Now. You listen to other bands from that era, and they sound somewhat outdated. Typical of the era. Which is also a good thing. Still, Gallagher plays the most natural sounding guitar ever.

  4. Unlike Hendrix, who often relied on pedals and effects, distortion and overdrive, Gallagher never did. He managed to muster that on his own, independently. Guitar and amp. Or strictly "raw" and pure. Yet, refined. Bold. Adjusting his guitar. Or customizing.

  5. When is Ireland going to decide to rename the national apt into "The Rory Gallagher Int'l Airport" ?
    This genius deserves it more than anyone damned.

  6. Rory Gallagher was the best lead ever! I tried to play his numbers in my teens but, could never attempt his solo middle leads! I first saw him on the local TV news prog in Manchester & was amazed by his speed & dexterity! Incomparable! I later went into acting! Well I couldn't match Rory on the fretboard! LOL! Would love a copy of his Taste appearance on that news prog!

  7. What's going on ?
    Can you correct my vision ?
    Helping my decision ?

    What's going on ?
    If you know what I'm meaning
    You won't find me kneeling.

    Should I be standing on a chair ?
    My hands are waving in the air
    You know as well as I do now
    I'm going to get to you somehow.

    What's going on ?
    Everyone acts crazy
    Yes or no means maybe.

    What's going on ?
    Could you correct my vision ?
    Helping my decision ?

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