Sweet – Love is like Oxygen

Love is like Oxygen Sweet – Love is like Oxygen



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  1. My dad bought a 71' mach 1 351 for me to graduate. God have mercy for him. Love your loved ones like Oxygen. This song brings me back to the 70s' anyone else??

  2. This song was cutting edge when it was released. Too bad Sweet didn't do much else. They had Ballroom Blitz and Fox on the Run, but not much else.

  3. I'm 55 . Ditto to all the comments . Sure miss those easy days and cool summer nights !😎☯️💗💯

  4. When did everything become a joke? I missed an entrance into this joke of an era….commercials.

  5. From New Zealand currently blasting this and letting the neighbourhood hear this banger at 11pm hahaha LONG LIVE POWER ROCK!

  6. You know when you have that song that when you wake up the following day it’s sill in your head ? I was 8 when this came out and probably not heard it since , wow I remember it well

  7. oufff siitng in my duster 71 in desert all windows open, at 100 mph listing to this… i can die now et return in the '70s

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