Styx – Blue Collar Man

Blue Collar Man
Pieces Of Eight Styx – Blue Collar Man



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  1. You damn right . my oldest brother said at Charlotte coliseum styx open for kiss. When kiss played styx fans booed kiss chanting styx styx styx. Seen them same venue in n.c. Kilroy was here. Not many ten years olds seen concerts . asked my big bro joey what's that funny smell. He said clove cigarettes yea right. The bleacher got caught on fire and people stacking liquor bottles as a pyramid. Scared as hell. My brother bought me a styx Kilroy was here tee-shirt I was the coolest kids at jr. High now called middle school. I was 10 then 1981 I think and will turn 50 this augeat. Styx is the soundtrack of my life minus Mr. Roboro ole hell no. Love you Dennis but Tommy don't know any songs to write about robots. Chris horne loyal styx fan.

  2. "I 'm just a poor soul in the unemployment line…" six years now,still here,though……holdin' on to the governments' austerity measures,obeyin' to the imf,to the european union,and to the ex soviet union,as well. They say,I 'm greek. I say,I 'm an anarchist,and an atheist,too…………

  3. Grrat song, great band?
    Im so tierd of pussys with thumbs down… why dont we meet somewhere to talk about it.. and then I blow your puss head clean off and fold you in half in a nice barrel?

  4. hard to be a Blue Collar Man when the greedy corporate cocksuckers keep automating everyone out of work, take your universal basic income and shove it up your ass, America was built on the blood sweat and tears of the middle class

  5. I think the AXSTV interview of Styx by Dan Rather should be required viewing for Styx fans…. I would’ve never guessed James Young was so deep. Tommy Shaw is just the awesome guy we already knew he was. When he was talking about harmonies and gospel music and suddenly sang out “jubilee, jubilee” I almost fell out of my chair. Then there’s the Canadian dude Lawrence Cowan. He’s a great fit. Wish I knew what happened with Dennis DeYoung, but as a screwed up war vet I know shit happens to the mind…. Anyway, cool interview. Styx is one of the greatest rock and roll bands of my generation.

  6. SO MANY great mid to late seventies bands that don't get the respect they deserve…
    Styx, Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, Boston, Foreigner, Pat Travers Band, Pablo Cruise, Eddie Money, Robin Trower, Molly Hatchet…
    Just to name a few.
    Throw in the bands who DO get some love and respect, and you have the greatest era in Rock & Roll history….
    Queen, Rush, AC DC, Van Halen, Journey, Aerosmith, Heart, Sammy Hagar, Kiss, Cheap Trick, The Cars…
    Peace, Love and Rock and Roll!

  7. Always been a blue collar man…
    Can't imagine a suit and tie, livin' a lie, when I gotta be free to be me..
    Fuck this bankster run world..
    When shit goes south, those c*nts will be crying for men like me, and I WILL laugh straight in their mutherfucking lying c*nt faces….
    How's all those degrees working out for you now, Pussies?

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