Steppenwolf – Skullduggery

Skullduggery is track no1 from the same titled album.The album released in 1976.It was the third of four albums the band released under the label Epic.# Bobby Cochran – Guitar, Vocals
# John Kay – Guitar, Vocals
# George Biondo – Bass, Vocals
# Wayne Cook – Keyboards
# Jerry Edmonton – Art Direction, Drums, Percussion, Vocals (Background) lyrics…Thought I was cool when I
Played in school for all my family
Had a smile for quite a while
But now I finally see
All the girls at your feet
Made you want to play for free
Now I know they got my soul
I was too damn blind to see


Outta sight, everything’s alright
Are the words that fed my head
Don’t look now, if you turn around
You might just wind up dead
Got our crew and lookit fool
The gun’s aimed at your head
Play all night, better get it right
Tomorrow call the feds


It’s too late baby but it’s alright
‘Cause we’re gonna
Make it with you tonight
The world outside’s livin’ all alone
‘Cause we’ve been makin’
Plans of our own


Had your fun now your work is done
You’ve just been usin’ me
All the while had a big bad smile
But not quite like your fee
You’ve been a jerk for what it’s worth
A friend is what I need
Now I know that you’re the fool
And I am finally free

{Chorus} [2x] This video is for educational and promotional use copyright infringement intended, only wish to promote Steppenwolf to other fans old and new.i do NOT own the song & picture. Steppenwolf – Skullduggery



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  1. Un temazo, un gran disco rockero, una gran banda, que más se puede pedir de estos monstruos del rock, unos fenómenos. Sin desmerecer la primera época de Steppenwolf, habría que reconsiderar y valorar la segunda época nunca entendida y escuchar detenidamente los tres últimos trabajos, es decir, Slux Flux, The Hour of the Wolf y Skulduggerry que son notables discos. Arriba Steppenwolf!!!!!!!!

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