Sniff ‘n the tears – Driver’s seat (full song H.Q.)

Sniff ‘n the tears – Driver’s seat
Full song with re-edited video.
Enjoy H.Q. sound. Sniff ‘n the tears – Driver’s seat (full song H.Q.)



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  1. This is so fucking good mate !! How its not out there ? i do not know ? i love it, its like a drug to me.Well done boys ! you are shit hot ! And Thank God for this to, Fucking good stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charles London..

  2. Obviously a song both the band and the record company (Chiswick, a relatively small independent label, I believe) really believed a lot in. The amount of time and work that must have put into arranging, recording, mixing and mastering this track must have been quite staggering.
    And on the top of that you have this really well staged video, that just take the cake. A true classic IMO.

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