Shake the Devil by Tommy Bolin

Off the album Private Eyes Shake the Devil by Tommy Bolin



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  1. This is a killer groove by Bolin in 1976… I dig it… At age 25, he was in his element, even when all lit up… I fully understand…. Cheers…..


  2. Tommy would be 60 today 8-1 11 if still alive. I played this song in a band back in 1976 here in San Diego. Also The Grind. 1st Lp the best!

  3. Good God! I had both Teaser and Private Eyes albums as a former Iowan who never thought I'd see 30 I can't get enough of these cuts. oh..and yes I'm 52

  4. Cant really remember how I got turned on to TB, I have a suspision. Point is that his music is legandary to the enlightened few. Rock on.

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