Scorpions Yellow Raven

Scorpions Yellow Raven


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  1. yeah ships in the sea which never passed physically still seemed so closely tied together in the universe forever in music

  2. Thumbs up! Great song. We are huge Scorpions fans. This is a great song off a great album. Thank you very much for this upload. Rock on!

  3. When I hears this it gives me chills. Most rock/shred guitar players can't wait to get to that last note of thier phrase /line with Uli even in a fast run it's like he holds on to every note letting it go with such emotion and purpose.

  4. Was there ever a better combination than Klaus Meine's vocals and Uli Jon Roth's guitar? Still gives me goose bumps after three and a half decades! Untouchable, really.

  5. this a master piece,uli is the man,when they had uli there were personally more technical and better if i might add

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