Santana – Tanglewood 1970 – Hope You’re Feeling Better

Santana – Tanglewood 1970 – Hope You’re Feeling Better


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  1. wow thx best version,s ever found on y-t many thx,luv this song so mutch,one of the best gituar solos,for me from carlos

  2. So GREAT 2 hear a live version & see Li'l Carlos beat the everlasting life outta those strings! Nobody knows of this track/keep it a secret, it's 2 good for em & let their winds sing & their beasts cry

  3. That was pretty BAD, dude. There's a 14-year old girl in France, that plays it 10x better than you do.
    Check her out, and learn……

  4. Isin't it great when a 44 yr. old can still kick ass as it did when we first heard it????  Thanks for this one Mr.Carlos :o)

  5. Lol, if you listen closely, Carlos has some serious tuning issues during this song: In fact he tries to solve the problem while playing, that does not really work, so he has to rely on his (habitual) bending technique. Impressing is his professionality, in these early days.

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