Rory Gallagher – Philby.wmv

Top Priority is Rory Gallagher’s eighth album.

Track listing

All titles composed by Rory Gallagher.

“Follow Me” — 4:40
“Philby” — 3:51
“Wayward Child” — 3:31
“Key Chain” — 4:09
“At the Depot” — 2:56
“Bad Penny” — 4:03
“Just Hit Town” — 3:37
“Off the Handle” — 5:36
“Public Enemy No. 1” — 3:46

Bonus tracks on remastered CD

“Hell Cat” — 4:50
“The Watcher” — 5:46


Rory Gallagher — vocals, guitars, dulcimer, harmonica
Gerry McAvoy — bass guitar
Ted McKenna — drums
Tom Brock — mandolin

Produced by Rory Gallagher Rory Gallagher – Philby.wmv



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  1. Rory is my idol. My childhood was amazing growing up listening to him every day with my dad. My cousin gave me the nickname Philby from this song. All of us here in Ireland owe this man soo much. He is the greatest we ever had and will ever had 💚

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