Rainbow — Street Of Dreams [[ Official Video ]] HD

Rainbow — Street Of Dreams :: Lyrics :: I heard the sound of voices in the night
Spellbound there was someone calling
I looked around no one was in sight
Pulled down I just kept on falling
I’ve seen this place before
You were standing by my side
I’ve seen your face before tonight
Maybe I just see what I want it to be
I know it’s a mystery
Do you remember me on a street of dreams
Running through my memory
On the street of dreams
There you stood a distant memory
So good like we never parted
Said to myself I knew you’d set me free
And here we are right back where we started
Soemthing’s come over me
And I don’t know what to feel
Maybe this fantasy is real
Now I know I see what I want it to be
But it’s still a mystery
Do you remember me on the street of dreams
Running through my memory
On the street of dreams
You are on every face I see
On the street of dreams

Tell me have you always been
On the street of dreams
Will we ever meet again my friend
Do you know just what it meand to be
On the street of dreams
Never know just who you’ll see do ya
On the street of dreams
You can be who you want to be oh yeah
I can hear you calling me
I can feel you haunting me Rainbow — Street Of Dreams [[ Official Video ]] HD



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  1. Takes me back to 1983. 9th grade, lost my virginity to this girl that I can’t seem to forget. This song reminds me of her. Hmmmm

  2. Oh my God!! I used to love this song and had to crank it. He has such a great vocals and it just flows. Love the 80's……

  3. What I always loved about JLT was how he adlibbed on outro of songs… the greats always did that dio, Rodgers etc.. meet him in studio back in 2001 and couldn’t have been a cooler guy! Oh yeah and ya know Blackmore ain’t no slouch lol

  4. I think the dude at the beginning is wearing a 'Members Only' jacket…. Lol. Great song, terrible 80s clothing styles….

  5. es igual al "reino olvidado" de rata blanca…. cuanta influencia tiene giardino de blackmore eh….. genio ritchie cada vez lo admiro mas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Takes me way back to 1983, my third year of nursing school. When life was far more simple. MTV played decent videos.. Great song!

  7. 1983 MTV vivid flashback. I remember this video in 3rd grade when I was hooked to music videos. Great song that was a little sentimental and haunting. This kept playing in my head in grade school a couple of times when I dozed off, and stared out the window. I just heard it on the radio the other day, and thought wow! I haven't heard this song since the early 80's. It was one of those lost 80's one hit wonders.

  8. Whoa, totally forgot this song existed. Joe Lynn Turner, the dude had a great voice. He was the best thing about that other song he did with the king of the arpeggio noodlers Yngwie Malmsteen. lol

  9. We used to think that hair length was great 👍🏼 back then. I’m done, however Blackmore brings back a cool app for an octaver.

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