Pink Floyd – One of These Days [HD]

“One of These Days” is the opening track from Pink Floyd’s 1971 album Meddle. The song is instrumental except for a distorted, low voice that says “One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces” and features double-tracked bass guitars played by David Gilmour and Roger Waters. Waters’ bass is panned hard left with Gilmour’s fading into the right channel. Gilmour’s bass sound is quite muted and dull. According to Gilmour, this is because that particular instrument had old strings on it, and the roadie they had sent to get new strings for it wandered off to see his girlfriend instead. Pink Floyd – One of These Days [HD]



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  1. I don’t post but this was amazing when I was younger turn it up on the beach with fire camp and friends the sun just going down over the ocean it was epic surrounds echo from the ocean awesome times

  2. So sad the surround version (from The Early Years colection, Pompeii and Meddle) was ruined by sound overenginering. Echoes in 5.1 and Quad are shit, really. so much overdubs and looping effects ruined all song. DSOTM Quad by Alan Parsons is much better. Anyway.
    This song version is pure art.

  3. 01.11.84 vs 17.10.84
    Red vs White
    Nato da una madre
    morirò per .. solo una donna …. il sangue segnerà la mia sorte e il paesaggio .. sarà il mio teatro dei sogni

  4. i swear i had a cassette that had ,"one of these day's, i'm gonna dance with the evil beast" , on one channel , and "one of these day's, i'm gonna cut you into little pieces", on the other channel.

  5. Cuando mi padre antes de morir.,escucho esta música tracedental de pink floid.q somos ,hacia donde vamos.deberia ser tomado en cuenta en el sistema educativo actual.hacer conciencia del venir en el tercer hombre universal

  6. My first time hearing this song and watching this video. If you can't find something better to dislike than don't dislike here. Recognize the skill here and appreciate it for what it is. How many of you can make this music today with out a music box (computer)! Go Pink Floyed

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