Peter Frampton – Show Me the Way (Lyrical)

One of the most underrated performers from the 70’s, Peter Frampton was truly a master at his craft.

This song is called “Show Me the Way” by Peter Frampton.

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Trench Days: Peter Frampton – Show Me the Way (Lyrical)



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  1. I love the production on this track. Listen – just the right amount of 'room' and drier than most spectacularock 'hits' we were hearing back then. A lot of punch, and the vocal production really hits the sweet spot of PF's voice. And the voco tube thingie he used is REALLY WELL recorded, he really mastered this device and it is brillantly rendered.

  2. It was recorded in a castle (studio) It just was nor recorded Live like the more popular version. Always liked this one better, Like you do too.  It was really cool before people knew who he was in the early 70's   The concerts where so much more intimate

  3. This studio version received radio airplay upon release in 1975. But as soon as the "live" version came out a few months later, this version got swept under the rug! Same thing with "Baby I Love Your Way"

  4. With the exception of that one song….all of Comes Alive is better in the studio. Or maybe I'm just goddamned tired of hearing the same versions over and over and over its just nice to hear new ones. A shame these got swept under the rug.

  5. I like this version better than the Frampton Comes Alive version. Maybe I'm just not big on live versions in general; it's REALLY hard to hear the music over the screaming of a live audience at times. >.<

  6. I love this original studio version better than the live version, too. Check out his first three LPs, especially WIND OF CHANGE (a masterpiece) and FRAMPTON'S CAMEL (with Ringo Starr!). Lots of great stuff. For those who wanna play along to this studio version:

    Intro: D Dj7 Bm Bflat C x4; Verse 1: D, Dmajor7, Bm, Bf x2; Pre-chorus: A7s G; Chorus: Bm G A-Bm G A,
    Break: D Dj7 Bm Bf C; Verse 2: D, Dj7, Bm, Bf x2; A7s G; Chorus x2: Bm G A-Bm G; A; Solo verse(s); PC + Chorus;
    Coda: Bm G Bm G repeat

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