Peter Frampton – Show Me The Way (Live Midnight Special 1975).avi

PETER FRAMPTON SHOW ME THE WAY (LIVE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL 1975 Peter Frampton – Show Me The Way (Live Midnight Special 1975).avi



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  1. Right before I enlisted. What a year that was. Frampton was so cool, and the things he said it that gadget, were awesome.

  2. I heard this song when I was 11 and I lived in Peru.I remember my parents,school and friends.Only the best for Peter Frampton.2019 con la mejor música!

  3. tener esa edad donde vas descubriendo la vida, y haber escuchado estas canciones en su momento,que cosa tan inolvidable.

  4. The Midnight Special Show was such an Amazing venue and show for all of these Classic Rock Icons and Comedians! Wish I was around back then to experience the magic! We need a show like this in today's world! 2019

  5. When Peter Frampton sang, live or recorded, it sounded the same. I think most of his songs were recorded LIVE.

  6. Just saw Peter Frampton June 30th live with my three sons in Bethel NY. What an amazing evening. Frampton is such an awesome musician.

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