Mountain / Theme For An Imaginary Western

Mountain Climbing! 1970 Mountain / Theme For An Imaginary Western



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  1. Words can not describe just how gut wrenchingly great the leslie cab and keyboard (probably a B3 Hammond) sound along with Mr. Leslie West's guitar solos. A very underrated group of musicians with such an awesome sound. When it comes to guitar work less is definitely better. Thank you Felix and Leslie.

  2. Jack Bruce wrote this song. Mountain took it home. Great vocals, guitar, and drums. Still Jack Bruce was the angel that created something from nothing! Both versions give me a Woody towards life!

  3. I know it's a little nostalgic to say this was the best era for music, but its absolutely true. The artists had more freedom to create and express, and fit 7 different concepts on one album, or tell a whole story. So glad I grew up in the 60s and 70s!

  4. Mississippi Queens is Mountain's claim to fame, but "Theme from an Imaginary Western" is an excellent tune, perhaps their best, and "Nantucket Sleigh Ride" is also excellent

  5. I,grew,up,in long,island, NYC.we,would, listen to this, on,the way to junior, high, school, it,still, sounds amazing, in,2019,Leslie, Wests,,tone,on,guitar, is,so,good, a lot,of,guitar, player's, to,this, day, really, admire,it,it,sounds, amazing, brings back, good, memories,, thanks

  6. breathtaking stunning and beautiful beyond words prob the best deep depthy solo guitar work and tones ever recorded wtf ? like god is speaking through them as they play kh

  7. The greatest guitar solo of all time. He made the guitar speak, moan, cry, and wail; each note a masterpiece. Highest regard for Leslie Weinstein and Jack Bruce.

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