Mountain – Long Red – live at Woodstock 1969

Mountain Long Red live at Woodstock 8 17 1969



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  1. awesome bad ass rock track from mountain that guitar sound from leslie west on this sounds like a woman you want to play with oh yeah 😉 great song too. and live at woodstock this kicks ass.

  2. Dj's be digging in the crates…. Hunting for that sample you heard somewhere one drunk night …. Love the beginning

  3. Tone is 95 Percent in the hands and Leslie proves it every time. He would sound amazing with an epiphone through a solid state amp

  4. Not at Woodstock, this is from another album which I can't remember the name of at this moment. But definitely not at Woodstock.

  5. I saw Mountain at the Fillmore in 69 and at Drew University in NJ back in 1970..Corky Lang was the best drummer ever.. and I remember him throwing his drumsticks out to the audience.. I tried to catch one.. and Felix Papalardi and Leslie West cutting heads back and forth.. I will never forget it.!. The best live concerts I ever saw.. and I saw a lot back then.. Mountain was the best and Leslie West is still the best guitarist out there.. next to Jimi Hendrix of course..

    thank you Bill ,, if you are out there somewhere for giving me on hell of a great time and turning me on to some great music!!

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