Mi-Sex – But You Don’t Care (1979)

Mi-Sex – But You Don’t Care Mi-Sex – But You Don’t Care (1979)



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  1. Hey "Just Sayin" totally agree. Everything was better back then. The Times, cares, worries & tunes, food, prices of drinks and the good times. No we have rip-off prices and lock-out times. wowser !!

  2. I love this song, but man, the video still annoys me. The metaphor is about cards – Queen of Hearts, King of Spades – and yet they have that bloody chess set. I'm sure a decent designer could have come up with something for the card thing.

  3. But You Don't Care
    The lightning flash in the plate glass
    The reflection spears a hole in the back of my eyes
    But an old man saunters nearby
    Not noticing the flash on the chrome bars inside
    I got you down on your bended knees
    You begged for more – treatment please
    Why can't you let it be – a tree stump twists
    Your love shall not be missed
    But you don't care, you just don't care
    Well if there ain't no feelins there
    I bet you don't care
    A queen – the queen of hearts
    she's more than one man can stand
    But shell be walking through the courtyard
    In hand with another man
    A king – the king of spades
    he's watching from the wings
    But his mind is not into the show
    Because he's into other things
    Oh but he don't care, he just don't care
    Well, if there ain't no feelins there
    I bet…

  4. What's a man now? What's a man mean?
    Is he rough or is he rugged? Is he cultural and clean?
    Now it's all changed , It's got to change more
    'Cause we think it's getting better but nobody's really sure.

  5. This song has real soul and groove. It made a huge impression on me in 1979 and I still love it today and forever, a truly brilliant and amazing band of musicians.

  6. Great song, one of my all-time fave's
    Steve Gilpin was my mentor in my early years of singing
    (ie: I copied his singing style, because I was such afan of mi-Sex at the time)
    I was so blown away when my cover band got to support Mi-Sex a few times
    I got to get up on stage and sing with them (wrapped to the back teeth)
    And then hang with them when we randomly met up again while I was roady'ing (?) for other gigs
    And even roadie for them when I was between bands

    Great band, Great guys, So Glad to see your playing again!

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