Led Zeppelin – Sugar Mama (Mix) (Official Audio)

Listen to “Sugar Mama (Mix)” taken from the Companion Audio Disc for CODA. Led Zeppelin – Sugar Mama (Mix) (Official Audio)



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  1. rock and roll btw is alive and well newer bands like rival sons and the strypes are carrying the torch I think..yes look forward to these deluxe editions.

  2. Should of stayed unreleased, this sounds like an amacher wrote the lyrics! Constant repitition and clearly in the development phase.

  3. This s real Rock Music..Most of the Shit out there today sounds like a 3 hour plane crash written by people as  shallow as a fricken bird bath! !! FACT:

  4. Zeppelin rocks my world timeless led Zeppelin fuckin awesome I also love my Freddy he is sexy awesome period can not say enough I will keep it clean no naughty stuff shit lol

  5. To all of you smartasses: It's a rough mix, it is not perfect because it was never perfected, it's just Led Zep fooling around… being very cool.

  6. Repetitive and thoroughly dull, Page was a horrible song writer. This song is crap laid down on acetate.

    Plant had the worst voice in the business.

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