Kansas – Incomudro (Hymn to the Atman)

Artist – Kansas
Album – Song for America
No Copyright Infringement Intended.

Run a silent path to nowhere, everything is all
You could have a pleasant life if Summer had no Fall
Treat yourself so gently though the task is often hard
Man is not a God it seems, who holds the final card
Close your eyes and feel the darkness, speak and hear the sound,
We only catch a glimpse of all the life that is around,
The man is not alive who knows the value of his soul,
And when our lives are pulled away, there’s more to fill the hole

I wonder what you’d think if all the changes didn’t come,
For growing old is only going back to where you’re from

Far beyond our senseless thoughts there lies a core of gold
Where essence of the newborn child is waiting in the old,
The Master Plan is well conceived, it’s there for all to see
And each day that is spent in thought is living harmony
Reach into the depths of being, pass beyond the years,
Time is lost in stillness, where there are no hopes and fears,
Linger in the void, and like a beacon in the night
Purity will fill your soul with ever-present light

Everything you’ve seen is waiting patiently within
For growing old is only going back to where you’ve been Kansas – Incomudro (Hymn to the Atman)



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  1. From 1974 to 1979 I saw Kansas 12 times. They got better and better with each show. I saw one band during that time period that was tighter than Kansas. That band was Yes! I still listen to both these bands a great deal even today. None are better!

  2. I am a product of the 1970's. I graduated High School in 1982. I was a Marine from 1983-1987. I became a Sheriff's Deputy from 1987-2014 retiring as a Commander. I was an adjunct college instructor from 2007-2014. I am now a High School teacher. I opine our generation had the prettiest cars and the best music e.g. Kansas. The deeply probing lyrics and the self examining answers are wholly absent from today's "music." On a daily basis I walk into classrooms approaching 40 of the most irreverent, disruptive, apathetic humans I have ever encountered. They have no souls, they take no pleasure in learning, their lone purpose to exist is the gratification extended by that loathsome device; their cellular telephone. I credit my intellectual awakenings to the philosophical, stirring lyrics such as this obscure gem from Kansas. In my time, music aided one in becoming more intelligent. In this time music dumbs one down. Pity.

  3. That last keyboard riff over the guitar and drum groove at 6:28 has to be one of the best moments of progressive rock. It suddenly got stuck in my head today so I had to come back and revisit! And then the drop right after is so surprising!!

  4. Saw them in March and they were awesome. Although with out the original keyboard players it seemed to be more of a guitar band now. But they were still great. Phil can still smash the drums!

  5. "in early 1979, Livgren became interested in The Urantia Book, a series of papers that claim to be a revelation authored by supernatural beings. Its influence can be felt in the lyrics of Kansas' 1979 album Monolith. Livgren subsequently rejected Urantia doctrine, and while on tour with the band in support of Monolith, he converted to Christianity. This was a result of a series of debates in the back of the tour bus with Jeff Pollard of Louisiana's Le Roux, the opening act for Kansas during the tour. The discussions between Livgren and Pollard concerned whether the Bible or the Urantia Book was the accurate record of the life of Jesus Christ. Because of the debates, Livgren became convinced that the Bible was the genuine record of Christ and that he had been mistaken in following the teachings of the Urantia Book. After a private hotel room conversion experience, he became an evangelical Christian".| Evangelicalism, Evangelical Christianity……oy-vey.

    When Kerry became this new born christian, he lost pretty much everything; lost Kansas, his wife, his skill to write awesome music, dude didn't even realize that his woman was his muse, he was just so mad about religion/faith,that he couldn't see
    what was right before him.

  6. Walter G. Boyer
    8-29-1956 to 1-25-2016
    Inhale, exhale, and everything in between. You were the stars in my sky. Thank you for introducing me to my favorite band, Kansas. After all these years, I still get to behold their fantasm. Never forgetting a note, live, never a disappointing show. Long Live Prog-Rock and the gods who nestled it in their hearts forever!
    "Linger in the void and like a beacon in the night, purity will fill your soul with ever-present light."

  7. Kansas has been my life since I discovered then in 1975. At the age of 21. I have never found a band that appeals to me more than they do. Even now when I hear their music I get emotional and feel things words cannot explain. Kansas defined me in ways I never imagined a band could with its style of music. I love many great bands from my era, but all other bands are secondary to my devotion to this band, first last and always.

  8. Isn't it amazing that no matter what music you hear in today's world, nothing compares to the music of the 70s. Kansas and groups like them really can't be duplicated today. Somebody prove me wrong

  9. Yet still more artistry from Kansas, it never seems to stop. Grand and glorious, and Phil Ehart gets to show his drum skills too. Near perfection, but, it is Kansas, it comes naturally for them. Great sound quality on this particular post, too.

  10. C'mon Kansas!! Get it together and play this epic LIVE in its ENTIRETY. You've got an awesome 7-piece lineup now!! I don't think they have played it live in 40+ years and even if they have, it was probably only in short passages.

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