ROCK MY PLIMSOUL (1968) by the Jeff Beck Group

From the classic album Truth. I really like this version of the song, which IMHO, is better than the studio cut. Gotta love Rod on this, as well as a great solo from the man. Jeff Beck-Rock My Plimsoul (Remastered Bonus Track)


What do you think?


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  1. Thanks for the response. It sounds pretty much like Rod but there is something about his voice and the phrasing and tone of Beck's guitar that doesn't sound like them. Is this from a legitimate Jaff Beck cd?

  2. I disagree with Cream234, the poster. This is a shuffle, not a blues, and so suffers in comparison to the magnificent studio cut on the album, especially the solo.

  3. I have been listening to Beck for thirty years, and Stewart until he went pop. I'll relisten to Truth (I have the original album) and the subsequent albums they played on together. I have them too. Ill get bacck with tyou

  4. Right. Definitely better than the studio cut.  Great vocal and as usual Beck is TOP SHELF>.  Thanks for posting.

  5. This whole album was seminal to me as a hippie-person, and musician–hand it to the black blues musicians and the 1-4–5 progression

  6. Incredible sound quality, I use a Behringer Codec through my laptop and sitting on my Roland PM 30 monitor. Stunning! Thanks very much.

  7. Has none of the quintessential sensuality and groove that made the cut on Truth so special (and superior to this jam).

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