Jeff Beck-Led Boots

Jeff Beck-Led Boots
From the album Wired (1976) Jeff Beck-Led Boots



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  1. First time I heard this I was reading a Sci-Fi book and This struck me a wholly appropriate alien culture music.
    I consumed as such on a long road trip.
    Really enjoyed it. I was 17 and it was 1991.
    I still love this album and listen to it regularly.
    Jan Hammer and Jeff Beck on the same bill is always going to be a winner.
    Luv and Peace.

  2. The legendary short out-of-synch drum intro by Narada Michael Walden is mesmerizing, and much imitated.

    In an informal recording many years later Walden imitates the intro badly on another YouTube track (if it's still available)

  3. I'm currently 13 and am trying to learn this song on the drums. I've nailed the intro! For some reason, I like playing classic rock music; I think pop music nowadays has branched off from it

  4. Years ago as a young drummer in a high school band John Bonham was God. When we decided to learn Led Boots Narada Michael Walden took a seat to the right of JB. Sill blows me away…

  5. Jeff beck was the original guitar hero of the 70s. Basically the Joe Satriani or Vai of the 70s. He inspired that wave of guitarists and nobody could ever sound near close to him. All his alien sounds only Jeff could do

  6. Exciting and busy in a good way. I came here as a devotee of Gary Moore's Back on the Streets. In fact, some of Santana's output is connected with this. Anyway, brilliant stuff!

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