Ian Hunter Bastard with Lyrics in Description

Track 8 from his fourth solo album “You’re Never Alone With A Schizophrenic” released in 1979, copyright Chrysalis Records. The album was co-produced by Mick Ronson, David Bowie’s longtime guitarist and collaborator, and featured members of Bruce Springsteen’s “E Street Band.” Recorded from the original vinyl. Written by Ian Hunter and produced by Mick Ronson & Ian Hunter. RIP Mick Ronson. Featuring:

Ian Hunter – Lead vocals, piano, rhythm guitars, Moog & ARP synthesizers, organ, percussion & background vocals
Mick Ronson – Lead guitars, percussion & background vocals. Co-lead vocals on “When The Daylight Comes.”
Roy Bittan – ARP synthesizer, organ, Moog synthesizer, piano & background vocals
Max Weinberg – Drums
Garry Tallent – Bass
John Cale – Piano & ARP synthesizer on “Bastard”
George Young – Tenor sax
Lew Delgatto – Baritone Sax
Ellen Foley – Background vocals
Rory Dodd – Background vocals
Eric Bloome – Background vocals

Vestal Virginia, ain’t got a bad thought in ya
You’re a bastard
Mean as a killer, instinct that’s within ya
You’re a bastard
Laughs like a drain and it messes up my brain
‘Cause you know I like the pain of never knowing
Space cow, I’ll chew the bad blood runnin’ through ya
Kiss you as you hit the floor ’cause you don’t even know that
You’re a bastard

There’s a crisis in the kitchen, but that don’t stop your bitchin’
You’re a bastard
You got that yellowjacket touch with the stings that hurt so much You’re such a bastard
Flirting in the shadows, aimin’ all those little arrows
You’re as shallow as the gallows you got me in to, yeah
Voo-doo dolls gonna line the room, handcuffs glinting in the gloom
One day you’ll find that hidden door, inside everyone screams that You’re a bastard

You twist me til I’m lame, then you spin the coin again
You’re such a bastard
You’re so naturally perverse, you ain’t even gotta rehearse
You’re such a bastard
Fly like a witch, while I’m running in some ditch
Why don’t you make the switch that takes me over
My prison is your brain, your prisoner’s insane
You’ve got all the keys, you can break the chains
But you don’t even take the blame you bastard

(Bastard, bastard)
I’m enjoying that lately, you know, just the beginnings
The agony and the ecstacy meeting at the middle of my mouth
The agony and the ecstacy, can’t spit it out
Sometimes on a rainy day I draw you
Hope for love Ian Hunter Bastard with Lyrics in Description



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