Hope You’re Feeling Better ~ Santana

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Hope You’re Feeling Better

Is that you
Your eyes slowly fading?
Is that you
Your mind full of tears?
Is that you
Searching for a good time?
Is that you
Waitin for all these years?

And I hope youre feelin better
Yes I hope youre feelin good
Yes I hope youre feelin better

Is that you?
Look across the ocean
Is that you
Thinkin nothin is really there?
Is that you
Waiting for the sunshine?
Is that you
When all you see is glare?


Is that you
Who never saw your baby?
Is that you
Who never had a friend?
Is that you
Movin to a new town?
Is that you
Will dimonds replace your friends?

Chorus Hope You’re Feeling Better ~ Santana



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  1. For those wondering, the musicians are lead vocalist-keyboardist Gregg Rolie, lead guitarist-backing vocalist Carlos Santana, bass guitarist David Brown, drummer Michael Shrieve, timbalist-conga player Jose "Chepito" Areas, and conga player Michael Carabello.

  2. insane outrageousness! First time I heard this was tripping. I thought my mind had exploded open. I had never heard something so stunning……. that guitar towards the beginning, like a wild waterfall. Good god thank you Carlos for this genius.

  3. Santana mixed mexican rhytms of his land and californian hippie was an incredible recipe..Abraxas..immortal album with classic as this, Samba Pa ti, Soul sacrifice..i would like to live in those years..

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