Hard Meat * I want you (1970)

From “Through A Window” 1970

Hard Meat was formed by the Birmingham-based Dolan brothers, Mike on guitar and vocals and Steve on bass and vocals, together with Mick Carless on drums. The group released two albums in 1970.

Mick Dolan went on to work with UK guitarist/vocalist John Coppin. He also appeared on Luther Grosvenor’s (aka “Ariel Bender”, ex-Spooky Tooth and Mott The Hoople) “Floodgates” album in 1996. Steve Dolan later worked with Pete Sinfield of King Crimson fame. (James Oglethorp)

Mick Dolan – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
Steve Dolan – Electric Bass, String Bass, Vocals
Mick Carless – Drums, Congas, Percussion and Assorted Loud Noises Hard Meat * I want you (1970)



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