Golden Earring – Radar Love (1973)

Golden Earring – Radar Love, ein Hit 1973. Audio-CD-Sound zu Video-Material aus TV-Show. HQ-Video Golden Earring – Radar Love (1973) HD 0815007



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  1. Word has it The crowd is waiting for the next act, the Captain and Tennille singing their number one hit, "Muskrat Love!"

  2. that's the creepiest unresponsive audience I've ever seen. Did some one hold up a sign to let them know when to clap?

  3. Never realized that the lead singer for Golden Earring was such a faggy-acting turd. I only heard the song while high & never saw this video of his pathetic antics. I was 17 or 18 at the time.

  4. American friends, this was 1973. The record had just come out. Nobody could have anticipated it became such a hit. The audience thought they were hearing an ordinary song.

  5. 🤣 this guy i was seeing for a few months is an antenna engineer and id made peace with that being over and done then this came over the radio like tf. lol. but it's hilarious.

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