Free – Wishing Well

Free – Wishing Well.
Rock at it’s best. Free – Wishing Well



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  1. There are a number of songs by Free that still sound fresh and newer than Bad Company, to my ears–this is one of them. Hard to believe this was recorded in 1972, this sounds like 1982! For some reason, Bad Company's first album sounds very dated, by comparison, like Rodgers and Kirke took a step back and regressed after Free

  2. Only NOW, later on in my life am I really becoming aware of and am appreciating the great music of FREE. Like most casual fans, I knew "Alright Now". I knew Paul Rogers and Simon Kirke formed BAD Company. However, I NEVER realized what great musicians this band had nor the great music they made. FREE was BAD COMPANY before Bad Company came together and this particular song exemplifies it. I wonder why Paul Rogers doesn't play more songs from the FREE catalogue even in Bad Company. His voice is STILL amazing after almost 50 years in the business! Truly a Blues Rock Classic.

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