Free – All Right Now

Title: All Right Now (track 07)

Artist: Free
Album: Fire and Water
Year: 1970
Label: Island, A&M, Polydor
Writer(s): Andy Fraser, Paul Rodgers


There she stood in the street
Smiling from her head to her feet
I said “Hey, what is this”
Now baby, maybe she’s in need of a kiss
I said ” Hey, what’s your name baby”
maybe we can see things the same
Now don’t you wait or hesitate
Let’s move before they raise the parking rent

All right now baby, it’s all right now
All right now baby, it’s all right now

I took her home to my place
Watching ev’ry move on her face
She said ” Look, what’s your game baby
are you tryin’ to put me in shame?”
I said ” slow don’t go so fast,
don’t you think that love can last?”
She said ” Love, Lord above,
now you’re tryin’ to trick me in love”

All right now baby, it’s all right now
all right now baby, it’s all right now

That’s all for now, take care and I’ll
be back with more in a few days Free – All Right Now



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  1. I got married in August 1970, just before this song rocketed to stardom in about Sept. 1970. It is absolutely my favorite oldie of all time! Yes, I am still married to the same lady.

  2. I like to read liner notes. On the greatest hits box set it said in Free, Paul Rodgers was a one take wonder. He only recorded one vocal track for each song, and they were perfect!

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