Fire of the Dragon- Blackfoot

Fire of the Dragon by Blackfoot. The album is Marauder. Fire of the Dragon- Blackfoot



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  1. Seriously though Blackfoot is the best band almost no one has heard of. They got the spirit and the fire and they are still kicking it…believe it.

  2. Blackfoot are amazing. I've been listening to them since I was a little kid. My dad watched them in bars in jersey in the mid 70s. Hes seen them countless times. I'm glad he got me into this music. I'm a child of the 90s so I listen to grunge alot too but my impressionable years were filled with the music of the 60s and 70s.I will always love this music. Its great coming from a musical family.

  3. Options are in millions. Blackfoot and Marauder should be in top 10 of the best Rock records ever. Ever.

  4. Been a Blackfoot fan for well over 20 yrs! I always refer to these guys when they were doin there thing as "Southern Metal!". Of course Ricky went back with Skynerd over 20yrs ago but man we got a great collection of hard jams to listen to! One of my favs is actually a ballad called "Diary of a Working Man"!

  5. tomcattin' was also great like strikes, ext, ext.. My favorite is reckless abandoner, off tomcattin 1980 i think. Listen to it u will understand..

  6. The real story is actually being there & dealin' with the dragon. I did in Frankfurt, Germany from 83-86. The words are real. Very real. That shit is the devil & never lets you get away. My Take, since I was there, did that, & I am a survivor. I made it out.

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