Eric Burdon – The Last Drive

Eric Burdon – The Last Drive – 1980
Audio Eric Burdon – The Last Drive



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  1. Why is this fantastic album not ever been available on CD for fuck sake it is a disgrace….Thanks for the upload.
    I have a signed Vinyl Copy at home, signed in 1981 when the man toured Australia.

  2. He bit my album cover 4 times because the flippin' pen wouldn't work when he tried to sign it! Great memory and obviously a very spontaneous character.

  3. why never ever is uploading bird on the beach from the record "female terrorist the power company. Please do it for me, the best song Eric Burdon ever made.

  4. Amo su voz cuando canta y habla me encanta su acento .Parecía que estaba en el aeropuerto anunciado los viajes. No me canso de escucharlo.

  5. Last Drive est un formidable album… complètement inconnu des soit disant spécialistes.

    Un des bijoux de ma collection.

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