Do you feel like we do Full Version

Do you feel like we do Full Version



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  1. I remember in 1974 visiting New York City I had strep throat and threw up spaghetti driving over the Brooklyn Bridge but we were listening to this song and I told my mom that I wanted to buy the album. I still have this album today I am now 58 years old

  2. There are many artists whom are incredibly talented, there are many songs that are amazingly great, but this song…this song, in my opinion, is among one of the best across all music genders! Hail Peter Frampton and his greatness to play live!

  3. First time I got arrested…
    Officer “get over here frampton”
    Best comparison in my life. I immediately asked him “do u feel like I do?”
    Obviously he didn’t but was chill. I was in high school, and my biggest concern was not being able to meet my new gf outside her class lol

  4. Good Vibes, Good Vibes, Good Vibes, Good Vibes, Good Vibes (:-D) – after careful consideration of the many excellent rock and roll songs – this one is my favorite of all time. I miss the liberating roller coaster ride songs like this took me on in the comfort of my own home and a set of head phones.

  5. This is part of the reason we old farts hate todays clone "music". Same stale drum tracks and autotune is all there is today. No real talent like the artistry in this song!

  6. Warren Puckett I was at a concert it was 70 something and the concert featured Peter Frampton and Gary Wright plus YES it was my first laser light show concert, it was at the old Balboa stadium San Diego California out doors under the warm summer sky. Great times and even greater music.

  7. ❤️🔥🎼ALWAYS …. and in ALL WAYS…a CLASSIC LIVE GIG!! THIS ALBUM got me off on the LIVE VIBE..
    And sure haven’t lost it
    since!! Oh HELL YEAH…..take me BACK!!!!❤️🎶
    Do Y💿U Feel Like I D💿????
    ❤️🇺🇸1 9 7 6🇺🇸❤️🎼🎼🎼🎼

  8. I still remember this back in the 70's…. Even though I was just a kid in elementary.. I can remember how hip this was….. It was the shit man…. Very popular … It catapulted Peter Frampton to super stardom.

  9. YES indeed. This song right here. I wore this album out. I remember that poster of that fine looking blonde young man. Southside Chicago. LOVED this sounds so damn good today. Enjoying it. I heard this song in the grocery store, I knew that I was coming home to play this, on repeat.

  10. One of the greatest songs ever it at the chance to live it an man what an experience they will never be rock still like the 70s I saw so many good just let's get fucked up I mean just parting down nobody trying to be an idiot everyone is jamming u don't have a good time til I lived the 70s thanks Frampton comes alive an that ain't no lie

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