Dixie Dregs – Cruise Control

Dixie Dregs – Cruise Control from Unsung Heroes (1981)

Steve Morse (guitar), Allen Sloan (violin), T Lavitz (keyboards), Andy West (bass), Rod Morgenstein (drums)

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  1. I listen to this while I'm driving sometimes. It never fails, at the beginning of this great jam I am only going 70 mph…….by the end I am damn near 100 and have to slow back down. This song is like catnip to me.

  2. Saw Steve Morse (the hot guitarist you hear) perform with John McLaughlin, Al Dimeola, and Paco DeLucia (Boulder, Co. circa 1989). They were probably THE four hottest guitarists ever to have been on stage performing together.

  3. Don't remember exactly what years, but it was early 80's when I saw this band twice. Once at "My Father's Place" in Roslyn, NY, and again at, of all places, Mayfest on the SUNY Albany, NY campus! I'll never forget standing right up in front of the stage at Mayfest (they actually had David Crosby there one year, and U2!!) watching a shirtless Steve Morse's long blond hair blowing in the warm breeze! I was close enough to watch his fingers move on the guitar and man, just one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.

  4. This band was forever respected by all the musicians in the funk-rock/jazz fusion world but never got the notoriety they deserved from the media and record-buying public… a total shame. I saw them play live several times at the Golden Bear (since torn down for a mall-on-the-pier) in Huntington Beach, CA in the the late 70's… good times they were.

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