Deep Purple – The Gypsy

This is the eighth track from Deep Purple’s ninth album, Stormbringer (1974).

Lineup (Mk III) – Ritchie Blackmore: guitar, David Coverdale: lead vocals, Glenn Hughes: bass guitar and vocals, John Lord: organ and keyboards, and Ian Paice: drums

Tell me gypsy can you see me
In your crystal ball
I’m asking you what can I do
My back’s against the wall
And I can’t hold on much longer
So I’ve come to you my friend
For now my life seems at an end

I came to see you once before
One hundred years ago
You took my hand and broke the spell
That should have let me go
But my years have gone so slowly
So I’m here again my friend
For now my life is at an end Deep Purple – The Gypsy



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  1. Обожаю именно этот цыганский мотив . Рок песня над которой надо задуматься

  2. I listen to all kinds of music but I always need to come back to Deep Purple. This song…2019, and I love it, love it.

  3. El riff obsesivo de Blackmore es sencillamente genial. Las voces a duo de Coverdale y Hughes maravillosas.

  4. Realy a very underrated Purple album, but if anybody takes a closer look, there is not a single weak song, and there are genious hits like this one (Gipsy), and Soldier of Fortune, and the other songs are very good, too!!
    And look at the musicians!!
    Like a supergroup!!! 🤗👍✌️

  5. UH' Gypsy ,Bsabbath's Gypsy…n here's Purple's .Led Zepp has none….Coverdale was auditioned by UH before her joined Purple.

  6. Nothin' better in this world than a Highend – equipment a n d an outstanding music from a Highend – band ! O:-)

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