Deep Purple Mistreated

Deep Purple’s Mistreated from their 1974 album Burn.
Line up
David Coverdale – Vocals
Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar
Glen Hughesp- Bass
Ian Paice- Drums
Jon Lord – Keyboards Deep Purple Mistreated



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  1. Ozzy is going back to black sabbath and Dio god bless his sole wasn't king of darkness it deserves to go to Bon Scott R.I.P for those two awesome front men

  2. If you are not relentless in the truth, the beast will mistreated you like it has always done until now. Google truthcontest and read the top entry "The Present" to see what i mean. If you are ready to get honest with yourself, then you will grasp this book.

  3. Never cared for Coverdale. Blackmore is just so hard to get along with Gillan had to leave, Damn shame

  4. Under Ratted lm Afraid Coverdale has a Hole in my Heart…Saw …White Snake…in 90 at ..The Odean in Birmingham ….Awesome,,,,, now in my own Band ….
    I sing hes songs ….Delightful

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