Deep PurpLe – Hey Joe

Deep PurpLe – Hey Joe Deep PurpLe – Hey Joe



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  1. Rod Evans should be among the GREAT ones: Dio, Gillan, Plant, Rogers, Mercury, Halford, Dickinson, Byron and so on. His voice is simply put AMAZING. The first disk of Captain Beyond is among the ten best Classic Rock LPs. Truly masterpiece. It's pity what happened to him in 1980…

  2. Perhaps the folk version by Tim Rose was first and followed by the leaves, Love and the Byrds as well as the Standells, Surfaris and the Music Machine. Besides Jimi's breakthrough version the best other versions in my opinion are this one and please check out the Roy Buchanon version, he is staying true to Jimi's while playing it virtuoso style, you gotta see it.

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