Deep purple – Gypsy’s kiss

Deep purple – Gypsy’s kiss

All rights belong to Deep Purple and their makers.


John San what you can
La la Janette dance in sand
What’s the mystery my son
Gypsy Dan Caravan
Won Tun Wan with your chinese fan
It’s part of history my son

Murder and rape with your power
The 10th revolution in far away days
It’s come to this
A gypsy’s kiss
All your power’s gonna fade in the haze

Ya who’ Jumme gae bile ya heed
The Seniorita said
I’ll drag yer lungs out trough yer nose
Space truckers free and high
Teamsters get ya by and by
That should keep you on your toes

They got a gun at your head
But you ain’t necessarily playing their game
Thay can’t resist
A Gypsy’s kiss
All that’s needed to drive them insane

John Wayne The Alamo
Crazy Horse Geronimo
I’ll smoke a piece with you
Mind Body Heart and Soul
We got Rock and Roll
And there’s nothing they can do

Hear the small voice of truth
Above the shouting despair of the crowd
What do you wish
A Gypsy’s kiss
Gets you strong for crying out loud Deep purple – Gypsy’s kiss


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  1. for those who don't know…. gypsy's kiss is cockney rhyming slang for PISS hence I'm going for a Gypsy's….

  2. Muy Rainbow!!!! Más para un álbum de Rainbow que para uno de Purple.
    Me di cuenta después de muchos años de escucharla…….

  3. Saw them in San Antonio Texas. Might have been the best show I have seen. Best album. Second Is
    House of Blue Light

  4. Wonderful track,phenomenal album.This album for me is Ritchie Blackmore's greatest ever triumph as far as his incredible guitar solos go.I remember hearing this amazing track on the Friday Rock Show when Deep Purple's comeback was announced.I couldn't believe what i was hearing!Just sensational!

  5. I discovered Deep Purple listeming to "In Rock", and it was love at first sight.
    Then, when it came out this one, I thought : "Damn, they did it again! ".

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