Couldn’t Stand The Weather-Stevie Ray Vaughan n Double Trouble

one of my favorite songs Stevie Ray played. while touring with his brother Jimmie, SRV had his brother join him on the same guitar to do the chord/solo licks mix. Couldn’t Stand The Weather-Stevie Ray Vaughan n Double Trouble



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  1. Who the frick dislikes SRV? Are you mental? Here's the deal…. SRV's 'coolness quotient' is as high as it gets…surpassed only and perhaps by Jimi Hendrix. Who's cooler than those two guys…I mean really? Martin Luther King, JFK and Gandi are pretty frick'n cool too. See how that works?

  2. Stevie Ray Vaughn, you will never be forgotten. GOD bless your soul. See you in the Heaven rock band!!!!

  3. I read a comment by a girl on "Stop" by janes addiction that she said orgasm at the point of the pause in the song, it was her favorite part, I guess she'd cum until she died if she listened to this, especially when Stevies guitar comes in with that riff.

  4. Everyone so focused on image you know you don't care about the dislkes, the irony being only to point them out and get yourself liked.

  5. My personel all time fav.haters dont know good stuff when they hear it go listen to ur backstreet boys cd

  6. This song reminds me of the hurricanes that have hit parts of the U.S. hard over the last 10 years, including Katrina in Louisiana, Sandy in much of the North Atlantic, and last year's in Texas.

  7. This tune is amazing in so many ways! I have listened to it for years and now want to learn how to play it ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Seen him live in Vancouver at the Orpheum Theatre 6 months before he passed away. I'll never forget that show.

  9. I genuinely believe that the 47 people who disliked this video simply missed the like button. With 1.4k likes you are bound to have a few misses.

  10. I got to jam this tune with Shirley Kings' band along with my fave bass player Jay what a rush!!ย  The band was great btw we were at a blues club by Harlem and Ogden Lyons IL

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