Budgie – Parents

Album: Never Turn Your Back on a Friend (1973)

This song speaks for itself. Budgie – Parents



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  1. Poles appreciated Budgie Already in the 1970s, the band was popular thanks to Radio Three presenters (Piotr Kaczkowski) ,, Parents deserves more recognition than Stairs to Heaven ".

  2. When I was a little boy
    They would say to me
    Don't go in the world and play
    It's bad company

    All they had was child and faith
    Let him grow and let him wait
    Just to find out what it was to be free

    But now I'm over twenty one
    Growing up I've had my fun
    And I know it's got to be

    Baby lying in a womb
    Are you free or in a tomb
    Let me in,
    I feel I want to cry.

    Oh the road is long
    Oh the road is long
    Come on back, back.

    Wash your hands and up to bed
    Mind your manners
    Or you're dead
    Mind the cars cos you've got school on Monday

    Put my trust in God
    Who is he I know not what
    Something mummy said one Sunday.

    Maybe love is life but life is not
    It's something I need plenty of.
    Oh! I wish I'd died and never lived a day.

    Now there's no one near me now
    Tell me what to do and how
    Take me back and sing my cares away.

    Take me let me sing my cares away
    Oh! the road is there
    Oh that road is there
    Come on back, back.

    Oh! I'm empty now
    Rainy pain has left me now.
    Think of what my people used to say.

    Black is black and white is white
    Which to choose and which is right
    Guide me to a place where I can stay.

    Wrap me up and keep me warm
    Hide myself far from the storm
    Sleep and love will keep my mind at rest.

    Only now I realise what my parents had to try.
    Love you all and keep you all my life.

    Oh that road is there
    Oh the road is there
    Come on back, back.

  3. I had forgotten Budgie. Having a great time today recalling their wonderful music. Saw them live in LA back in the late 70s (I think). Took a friend who didn't know them at all and he was blown away … appropriately!

  4. Este es el grupo de los 70' con éxitos como este, pero nunca fueron populares ,creo que son del agrado de ayer, hoy y siempre ,de los que llevamos el rock en la sangre ,Budgie uno de mis favoritos de siempre!!!! Salve salve rocanroll!!!!!

  5. Love this song, reminds me of long hot summer's when I was a kid growing up with my lovely parents.
    Give them a hug & a kiss you miss them when they're gone…

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