Budgie – I Can’t See My Feelings

“I Can’t See My Feelings” off Welsh Rock/Metal group Budgie’s “Bandolier” album of 1975.

One of the most underrated albums and bands of all time… Also, a shortened this song was covered by Iron Maiden as a B side for their “Fear Of The Dark” album.

I can’t see my feelings open my eyes
I can’t see my feelings open my pair of eyes

I can’t see my feelings keeping me high
I just keep on reeling bought me back tell me why

I just stand there screaming,don`t even try
Music bans all feeling
If it’ll tell me why

I can’t stop that feeling showing me why
Man I love that feeling yeah
Floats me right through the sky Budgie – I Can’t See My Feelings



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  1. My favorite christian rock band. Was totally into them in HS not knowing why the lyrics were so reminiscent of Sunday school. After I was born again at 45 I found out they were of the faith. Interesting.

  2. Budgie is another one of those bands that I just loved as a kid in the '70s. I grew up in San Antonio, Texas, where Budgie were as big as Led Zeppelin, Kiss or Black Sabbath. They were played on the local rock radio station constantly and were a huge concert draw. Oddly, I thought they were a massive multi-platinum band until I moved out of state for a while and discovered that no one had heard of them. These guys were just stellar!

  3. Step aside led Zep, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Iron Maiden & others…This 3 piece, unassuming talented trio from Wales are just the best. (for me). I wanna time machine to go back & meet them. Cosentino, Perth West Australia. 8/2/19 🙂

  4. I really like this group, idk it just feels easy to get/connect with.

    Sometimes it takes a while (personally) to connect with music, but this isn’t one of those instances ✨

    Glad I heard about them!
    better late than, say, never (also heard about them from a Dave Mustaine interview or something? Pree’ rad)

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