Budgie – Black velvet stallion (1976)

“If I Were Brittania I’d Waive the Rules” is Budgie’s sixth album, released in 1976.

Burke Shelley – Vocals, bass
Tony Bourge – Guitar
Steve Williams – Drums
Richard Dunn — Keyboards Budgie – Black velvet stallion (1976)



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  1. Why does everyone try to figure out what the song is about, why it was written,etc., etc., ….. just listen to it …. it's classic rock. Who cares why it was written and what it's about ….

  2. Black velvet stallion, you are gone*
    Chasing a windsong, be my son
    Always here wondering
    Hoof beats are thundering through me
    Maybe you're running from me

    Black velvet stallion are you near
    Carry me far away from my fear
    Son of an Arab mare
    Roaming on solid air and free
    While you are living be free

    Black velvet stallion be alone
    Send me a messenger call me home
    Pictures and silhouettes
    Spending a pirouette on me
    Maybe you're coming to me

    Black velvet stallion you're my child
    Flower of tenderness growing wild
    Look through my wilderness
    No one would ever guess you're me
    What I am seeing is me

  3. One of my all-time favorite songs. I first heard this on KMAC radio in San Antonio when I was 11 years old, and this song always connected with me… big time! This is one of those songs that brings me pure joy every time I hear it (which is often).

  4. Just love Budgie. They were true originals. If you listen to The Eagles and “In Those Shoes,” they were influenced by this song. Stallion came out three years before it. I live in San Antonio native and would love to have grown up here back in the 70s.

  5. I always felt this was a song made for the dead of winter ghostly spirits moving thru a dark foggy night in the forest hauntly sad the snow falling add to the perfect track known as black velvet stallion.⛄❄💨🎸🏇

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